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Video courtesy of Real Estate Rockstars

“You don’t have to be the Maserati driving, suit wearing agent… There’s someone who needs you to be exactly the person you are right now!” – Kimberly Tocco, ‘BrokerAgent of the Month’ Arizona

Kimberly knows firsthand how hard it can be for struggling families to become homeowners after overcoming her own personal tragedy and financial hardship to buy a home when others told her it would be impossible.

Since then, she’s given back over $500,000 of her own commissions to help families realize the dream of homeownership.

Listen in as Kimberly offers tips for new agents, discusses her brand-new book, Overcome: Memoirs of a Suicide; and shares how building her business based on giving helped turned her into one of Arizona’s top Realtors.

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‘BrokerAgent of the Month’ Arizona

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