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Turn Your Slump Into a Success

by Broker★Agent AdvisorJanuary 24, 2016

by Matthew Ferry

I know it sounds crazy, but sales slumps are great for business!

Let me qualify that…

If you have a ‘Top Agent Mindset’, sales slumps are great for business. For most agents they can be terrifying and financially devastating.

Top Agents seem to have a resilience that appears to make them less susceptible to sales slumps. But it’s not what they do, it’s how they think that makes them resilient.

In this article I will show you that they are just as susceptible to sales slumps as any other agent.  I will also reveal their secret that makes their sales slumps valuable. Sounds crazy, right?

Let’s jump in!

If you are in a slump, this is going to help you get out fast!

The Power of Recontextualization

Top Agents realize that mindset is the one change that changes everything. In other words, looking at something differently changes your approach to it. In my Mindset Methodology I call this Recontextualization.

It’s the ability to consciously change or shift your context…the words you use to describe your situation. Nothing is anything until you label it. The way that you label , or how you describe something, determines your relationship to it. Labels can implicitly reveal how you feel, how you react, your mood, and/or your expectations.

You can’t change the way things are, but you can change your relationship to it with your words.  How you describe things to yourself [...]