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2023 Achievement Crystals


A sophisticated tribute designed to commemorate your successes and milestone for the year. This heavy glass crystal masterpiece features a clear and contemporary design that reflects light with breathtaking brilliance and serves as an elegant addition to your office or home decor.

Sand etched with your name, year, and certificate category (Rising Star, Five Star, Seven Star) your crystal will serve as an enduring testament to your success that inspires and captivates all who encounter it for years to come.

Reserved annually for qualified members of BrokerAgent Advisor and their sponsors. 

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Reserved for qualified members and their sponsors.

100% refund if you’re disqualified for any reason.

Purchase is not required to receive certification.

Includes optional ‘Sponsored By’ inscription.

Bursting with a rainbow of color and chrome-like interior reflections, the prominence of this striking optic crystal is a perfect complement to celebrate the success you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Rising Star
Height 7.25″ Width 3.75″ Depth 1.75″
Weight 3.63 pounds

Five Star
Height 8.25″ Width 4.25″ Depth 1.75″
Weight 4.75 pounds

Seven Star
Height 9.75″ Width 4.75″ Depth 1.75″
Weight 6.25 pounds

Standard Version

Available to all certified referral partners.


Top 100 Version

Available to certified Top 100 referral partners.


Additional information


Standard Crystal (2023 on Star) $267, Top 100 Crystal (TOP 100 on Star) $267

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