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Five ‘Must Do’ YouTube Videos for Real Estate Lead Generation

by Broker★Agent AdvisorJuly 18, 2020

With Jesse Daue and Jackson Willkey‘The YouTube Agents’

Everyone wants to know what type video they should be shooting for real estate.

But what really makes the phone ring?

Listen in as Jackson Wilkey shows how to be the one buyers find when searching your market for properties.

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5 Ways to Buy a Home Virtually

by Broker★Agent AdvisorMay 26, 2020

The Joe Rosen Show

Buyers are pushing more for virtual transactions and it’s forcing real estate professionals to up their game.

Closings are the toughest part to get done virtually… but it can be done!

Here’s a few tips on how to keep your business moving while keeping your clients home and healthy.

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Joe Rosen is a Realtor with eXp Realty specializing in homes along South Florida’s Treasure Coast. He has sales experience in both sunny Florida and chilly Minnesota; and has closed on over $35M in residential and commercial transactions. In his first 35 weeks in Florida his closed and pending sales placed him in the top 4% of real estate agents in his market. Joe has a sincere passion to share everything that has worked, and not worked for him, in order to help others succeed in their own lives and careers. 

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Reaching for the Sky with Larger than Life Properties

Every once in a while a property comes along that has extraordinary potential. That diamond in the rough which can be difficult for the average buyer to see without some help.

I had the pleasure of talking with the listing agent for one such extraordinary property and learning exactly what he did to help overcome visual hurdles to stimulate increased value for his seller.

The Vision

As a raw piece of land, the listing agent could have chosen to market this piece of property simply as a land investment “with potential” and the regular run of the mill specifics.

With the help of an architect and builder, along with some special aids however, they were able to show the greater potential in being able to sustain a 4,500 square foot home on 1.16 acres with a 10 minute walk to the community of Whistler, BC.

By creating 3D renderings of the potential space, including a waterfall and glass elevator make this acreage obtainable for most interested buyers buyers because now everyone can understand the potential view, elevation, and possibilities whether its the final design or not.

Virtual Photos

The star of this marketing campaign is the 3 dimensional photo collection. Imagine trying to market this property without these photos. How would you ever be able to express the uniqueness of this exquisite piece of land? The setting is majestic, the [...]


Organizing Your Real Estate Business

by Denise Lones

Recently I had a discussion with Heather, our project coordinator, regarding the importance of agents keeping things organized in their business.  Whether that is organizing your files, systems, or even your time, each is critical to an agent’s success.

As Heather puts it “good organization is key to a successful transaction and being organized saves you time, money and potential transaction mishaps.” I couldn’t agree with her more. Here are some of the great ideas that came from our discussion.