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Integrative real estate coaching takes into account that in order to be your most successful self in business, you also need to be your happiest self and your healthiest self in life. Real Estate is an extremely social business where your best source of leads is a personal referral. Life and business go hand in hand when you’re a real estate agent. If you feel yucky on the inside, chances are your business is going to feel yucky too.

I’ve created “Integrative Real Estate Coaching” to be a combination of productivity, life, and wellness coaching to specifically target and address the major issues real estate agents face.
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Integrative Real Estate Coach
Angela Kristen Taylor has been working in the real estate industry for 23 years. She has spent 14 of those years working with agents and brokerages across the nation as a coach and trainer, and working as a consultant all over the world. Angela has been featured in the Women's Council of Realtors national magazine and her writings have been published in state and national industry trade magazines and websites. She is a recognized expert in the real estate industry worldwide. Angela operates very differently from other coaches by combining productivity, life, and wellness coaching to improve the businesses, lives, health, and happiness of her clients.

As a Coach, Angela puts much focus on the internal world we create for ourselves, "Living an inspired life; a life of joy, happiness, and peace, always coming from a place of contribution to others, is something that begins deep inside us and radiates outwardly into first our lives and then the lives of those we touch. This all begins at home and so the home is where we begin. It's where we begin living an inspired life. It's where we begin to make our impact in the world. Thus things like nutrition, exercise, and our personal lives and relationships have a massive impact on our business productivity. As a coach, I focus on all of those things to bring about the highest level of productivity and also of pure joy, happiness, and passion for living."

Angela lives in Winter Haven, Florida with her husband Joe and their children: Zachary, Henry, Emmalyn, and Zane. "I love having such a large family and household! Every day is so full of life and love... It's incredible to see all the ups and downs of life at so many different levels and to be able to support one another and help each other grow and learn."

Some of Angela's personal interests include: Whole Foods Nutrition, Yoga, The Powerful Impact of Nature, Attachment Parenting, Home-Schooling, Positive Psychology, Natural Health & Healing, Spirituality, Writing, and Reading.

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