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Dreamtown Realty

Dreamtown Realty
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Dreamtown Realty
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Giancarlo Bargioni has been working towards his career in real estate since the age of 18, after a real estate seminar inspired him to learn more about the industry. Since graduating from DePaul University, he has worked primarily in residential sales—in which he has been recognized as a top sales producer—residential rehab and development, and property/community association management. His experience has given him a degree of construction and maintenance insight that he readily shares with his clients to help them prepare to sell, improve, or know what types of repairs will be needed when making a purchase prior to inspection. He specializes in an array of real estate types and transactions, including single family homes, multi-unit properties, condominiums, short sales, foreclosures, and auctions. His professional certifications include an ABR certification, Managing Brokers license, and CMCA license.

A Chicago native, Giancarlo has been fortunate to grow up and live in many of the city’s different neighborhoods. He currently resides in Sauganash, which he praises for its beautiful homes, excellent schools, and thriving parks and community groups that make the area perfect for families. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, watching basketball and Argentinian soccer, and practicing Brazilian jiu jitsu (at which he has currently achieved the rank of purple belt).

Buyers Agent, Listing Agent, Foreclosure/Short Sale, Management and Consulting
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Sales Agent/Associate
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Residential Real Estate
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