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About Klaus Sinn

Klaus commenced his real estate career in 1996. and received the rookie of the year award by Realty Executives in 1997 – his first full year in real estate. From there, Klaus rose quickly and became ranked as a top ten agent in Pinellas County in 1998, 1999, and 2000, before he opened his own brokerage where his son, Stefan, would ultimately begin work. Klaus’ strength lies in his market-making ability. He has an almost magical ability to find the missing puzzle piece critical to create a deal where otherwise there would be none. One such example includes Klaus’ representation of a national hotel franchisee who required a higher net than the hotel’s financials supported. Within two years, Klaus strategically tied up all neighboring properties, solicited national retailers, and negotiated a substantial buyout for his clients. Other examples include configuring 124 parcels of land owned by sixty-four different international owners to complete a sale to a single buyer, and selling thirty-five separately-owned homes in just four days. Today, Klaus brings his market-making ability to high profile clients to structure transaction that make sense.


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