Greg McDaniel and Matt Johnson – Real Estate Uncensored

It’s not really the ‘close’ that’s important.

Everything starts with the ‘open’… The relationship building… The trust.

As the epitome of ‘old school salesmanship’ meets ‘new school strategy’, Greg and Matt present intelligent strategies that will differentiate you from common competitors in meaningful ways.

Listen in for an avalanche of well balanced methods, scripts, and phrases you can put to work right now to attract more prospects and help move them along towards smoother closings.

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Greg and Matt started their podcast with 1 mission…

Bring high-level sales and marketing training to agents who need it most (AND have a TON of fun along the way)

Today, after hundreds of thousands of downloads and views, our mission hasn’t changed.

Every episode we bring you actionable ideas, insight and inspiration to turn your real estate career into a lifestyle of freedom.

We want YOU to become the Rockstar agent in your market, and build the real estate business of your dreams.

So if you’re…

starting out…
starting over…
building a lifestyle real estate business….

Real Estate Uncensored is for you.

Greg brings a sales perspective honed by 18+ years in the trenches of the business, and lessons learned from his father, Terry McDaniel AKA the Grandmaster.

Matt brings a marketing perspective from his background in real estate marketing, working with and masterminding with some of the top agents in the country.

Of course, we do like to have fun, so hopefully you have a sense of humor and don’t mind a little profanity sprinkled in:)

We broadcast live on Facebook every Mon/Wed/Friday.

We bring you live masterminds with top agents, team leaders, coaches, sales and marketing experts.

We also offer in-depth live training course, where we deep dive into specific systems you can install in your business to attract more clients. All to arm and equip you with the latest ideas, strategies, tips and tactics to make you a Rockstar agent in your market so you can build the business YOU want.

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