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Top 10 Mistakes that Cost You the Listing

Education and Training

With Kathleen Black Coaching and Consulting

We train what we use. Not what we used to use, or what worked 10 years ago, but what is working to sell over 400 homes a year right now.

In real estate it starts and ends with the listing.

Missing just one can cost you thousands… If you have a team it can be exponential.

Sharpen your approach and systems with these proven tips and you’ll get to the closing table more often.

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Kathleen Black Coaching and Consulting’s sole purpose is to refine and master sales systems, conversion techniques, mindset, and performance for you and your agents. We do this full-time. It is our specialty, and this is why Realtors like you leverage us to help you recruit top talent, train them, create pay structures, motivate them, and retain them. This leads to a return on investment almost unheard of in our industry. The best part is you get your life back while still making more money, creating a residual income stream, and having a profitable business worthy of selling one day.

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