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Listing Tips from Top Real Estate Brokers

Use these easy techniques in your listing presentations and start closing more deals.

Rich Levinby Rich Levin

In preparation for an upcoming speaking engagement I spoke with some of the top brokers I coach to find out their favorite listing techniques.

If you’re not already, try using a few of these tips at your next sales call…

Broker #1

Use professional photography. One broker said he shows clients the visual difference between his listings and competition (that doesn’t use professional photographers). He’ll even ask the seller to pick a house they know is for sale in the MLS and compare its listing to his; he makes sure that his listing beats the competition in the virtual tours.

Explain the system of regular communication. He guarantees every seller communication between 10 and 12 once a week. That’s because having a regular talk with clients is the biggest complaint that sellers have about agents.

Take off your shoes when you enter the house. No matter what condition the house is in. I’m surprised at how many people actually do take their shoes off, but it shows a respect for the house, casts a good impression, and helps the clients feel more respect for the real estate. One of our coaching clients even buys booties from a hardware store for prospective buyers to use when entering a home.

Be prepared with and know the comparables. Get comparables for all of the houses in the neighborhood. Having them printed or in notes that you use to answer the seller show that you’re very aware of the same data as the seller or know more than they do.

Broker #2

He never sends a Comparative Market Analysis – The second broker I spoke with said he does an RPA – Right Price Analysis – his own concept.

Many times you have to discover what works for you. And if you can’t find it, design it.

The RPA is all of the information that allows him to analyze what data he has, and that shows he’s put a house on the market for the right price.

Average days to the market. He likes to compare his statistics to those of the Multiple Listing Service. He does list to sale ratio – average days to market.

He says, “if I can prove to you that I’m the best agent – will you list with me?” “Well, sure if you can prove it,” say the sellers.

And with his data he goes on to do just that.

This is harder for new agents. If you’re newer, you need to just know your own market stats. Even if you’ve only sold a handful of houses, your average will be higher and you can use that data.

Broker #3

Again, this broker takes off his shoes.

Smile with confidence and brighten the room. Sure, people care about the house – but they have to like you.

Always be writing, always be asking

As a relatively young broker, he says: “We are aggressive – not worn out or bored.” So if you’re younger or older – you create your own distinctions and make them work for you. Note how e doesn’t say older – he says “not worn out or bored”.

The average agent is in the 50’s. The average buyer is 20’s and 30’s. Make your attributes work for you.

Ask, listen, and don’t talk so much.

Broker #4

The third broker I spoke with has sold over 800 expired listings. He has a powerful expired package – pages and pages of these in small print that he’s sold.

Here are his secrets:

Show you care – what do they want? Where are they moving? When do the want to be there, and who else is involved in the move?

Find some commonality – as your doing a walk through, people trust you more when people feel you’re like them.

Show that you’ll work hard for them. He does this as he presents his marketing plan, and at every opportunity.

Your work ethic is who you are… that’s more important than what you do.

If you’re focusing on what you do to the slight of who you are you may be missing the mark, because people hire who you are.

Show them the skills and your record to prove that you can do the job. But first, he says that he makes sure to focus on the first three: Caring, Commonality, and Hard Work.

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