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28 Year Industry Reputation
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A genuine endorsement from a credible authority your peers and clients will respect.

Celebrating the success and accomplishment of today’s finest real estate professionals through its prestigious ‘Certificate of Excellence’ and ‘BrokerAgent of the Month’ program for nearly three decades.

Today’s savvy real estate clients are skeptical, and gaining an edge over your ever increasing competition is nearly impossible without meaningful assurances.

If you have a good name in real estate we’ll help make sure they know… and you’ll win more deals as a result.

Rising Star Five Star Seven Star

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“I’ve become more and more impressed with BrokerAgent Advisor with every interaction we have. Finding people in the real estate industry that are professional and instinctually trustworthy is becoming more rare rather than less. Chad, Jennifer, Brian, and staff… All a breath of fresh air!” Dan Kempka, Compass

The COE is your first step towards ‘BrokerAgent of the Month’ honors and representation in your state.

Whether you’re just starting out, or have years of experience, we have a recognition level that will fit you just right.

Rising Star Five Star Seven Star

Free membership for qualified realty, lending, and title professionals includes…

Certificate of Excellence
Award badge for your web site
Custom press release
Social media post
Listing in awarded referral directory

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As real as it gets.

As one of real estate’s most respected media companies, recognition from BrokerAgent Advisor makes a powerful statement that will help you win new clients by immediately validating the trust and respect you’ve earned and deserve.

With nearly three decades of service to the real estate community and no fee required to receive this award they’ll know it’s real and you’ll be able to stand proud knowing this honor is one of the most genuine in the industry.

It’s not just about production levels.

BrokerAgent Advisor distinguishes the best in the business based on achievement, potential, leadership, ethics, community value, experience, capability and trust.

There is no cost or fee required for basic membership and eligibility towards the ‘Certificate of Excellence’, which makes this honor one of the most genuine in the industry towards identifying those truly worthy of special recognition and distinction.

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“Thank you for the recognition. It’s refreshing to be honored without having to pay or have tons of experience. This has been genuinely awesome!”
Johanna Webster, Coldwell Banker

“Within a few days of putting out the press release that came with my certificate I signed a new client. Thanks so much BrokerAgent Advisor!”

“The diligence taken in validating your award recipients is unparalleled and truly an honor. I’m having a graphic of the award logo you gave me wrapped on my truck to show off my accomplishment. Thank you!”
Troy Brown, Homesmart

Recognition Categories

 Rising Star… It doesn’t take years to recognize talent and potential. This award is reserved for the most promising professionals who are well on their way to becoming tomorrow’s leaders.

Active real estate license, no unresolved disciplinary, and Broker/Manager endorsement.

Five Star… There’s no substitute for the experience and dedication which these tried and true professionals posses and demonstrate daily in their careers.

Active real estate license for 3 or more years with 12 or more annual closings… or more than 24 lifetime closings… or 8 years experience. No unresolved disciplinary, and Broker/Manager endorsement.

Seven Star… For the most accomplished in our industry we’ve set aside this exceptional distinction.

Active real estate license for 3 or more years with 24 or more annual closings, or more than 50 lifetime closings. No unresolved disciplinary, and Broker/Manager endorsement.


Our Most Distinguished Honors

Qualified applicants become immediately eligible for ‘BrokerAgent of the Month’ and ‘Top 100’ member in their marketing territory by category… Rising Star, Five Star, and Seven Star.

Eligibility extends to member’s brokerage, team and affiliates.


A friend you can trust…

If you’re new to real estate, or just haven’t yet heard of BrokerAgent Advisor, we can understand the apprehension.

Help set your mind at ease and learn more about us here.

And visit our awarded referral directory to see some of the thousands who have come before you who serve as a testament to the credibility we hope to share with you.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve and welcome you to the BrokerAgent Advisor family soon.

Chad Golladay, Publisher

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