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Handling Common Real Estate Objections and Who to Work With

It's not always what you say, but how you say it. Scripts to help you overcome common obstacles and insights into who the best clients to work with are.
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crouch_christyby Christy Crouch

Recent work with one of my clients led to a discussion on how to better handle the most common real estate objections. I shared the video of mine above with her and it’s made a resounding difference in her production – hopefully you can find some value in it as well.

We also discussed the pros and cons of working with buyers and sellers. Below are a few thoughts I have on this topic as well…


  • Inexpensive to work with for the most part and generally very lucrative.
  • Very time consuming.
  • Requires working more nights, weekends, and available at a moments notice.
  • It’s “fun” helping clients find their dream home and an enjoyable experience for the most part.
  • The search process can be overly time consuming.
  • No solid way to plan for amount of business you can expect to work with and/or sell each year.
  • Representing this side of the sale (inspections, appraisals, etc.) are generally easier.


  • Can be expensive to carry and are more competitive to take in most cases.
  • More demanding customer service and communication requirements.
  • Often challenging advising on pricing realities over their hopes and expectations.
  • Better and easier control of your schedule and freedom.
  • Having listings makes your phone ring and helps generate new clients.
  • Enables you to create name recognition within your market with signs
  • One of my coaches told me long ago, control the inventory = controlling your market!

From experience I can tell you that working with expired and fsbo listings is the fastest and most cost effective way of building your listing inventory.

You can work old expireds from years past as well as new ones.  You can mail to them, call them and/or door knock them.  You hear other coaches talking about this all the time and I realize working expireds and fsbo’s isn’t anything new.  The key is not so much the system you choose to implement, but the consistency in which you do what you do every day.  Another coach of mine said something to me years ago that resonates with me today, “The consistency of what you do day after day determines the consistency of your income month after month”.

If you will take the time to focus on just taking more listings, I promise you will experience an increase in your overall business.  Listings are what brings you buyers!

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