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Frustration to Freedom… How to Drop Your Deadbeat Buyers

To take back control of your business you have to learn to create a new context for the situation… to see it for what it is, rather than the exaggeration it represents.

ferry_mathewby Matthew Ferry

Dead beat buyers!  Ugh!

They can be like a vampire sucking the life out of you. So why are you holding on to these people? You know you should let them go but you don’t.

Don’t worry my friend.  I’ve got your back… In this article I will help you get free of Dead-Beat Buyers and reclaim your dignity, joy and personal power.  Sound good? Let’s do this.

To start, let’s do a little ‘be-honest’. You already know what you need to do. You need to drop them. But you don’t. Why? Maybe you’re addicted to suffering.  Maybe you’re codependent.  Maybe you are starry-eyed and optimistic.  I don’t know.

What I do know is that if you are reading this article, then you realize you have a problem. You realize you’re pretending like they are going to buy any day now, right?  “Matthew, I just have to show them one more house. I can’t let them go!  What if they buy from someone else?  I’ve put in so much work.”

The list of reasons goes on and on. And, I know… It’s okay.  It happens to the best of us.  But it’s time for a change. Let’s get your power back starting now.

The first step to solving any problem is the awareness of the cause.  In my Mindset Methodology I call this ‘The Game Changer Process’.  Awareness of a problem instantly makes you more flexible because you don’t want to keep suffering.  When you are flexible, you begin to see new options.  When you have options, you have power!  So let’s start with some awareness.

Back in the early 90’s I started calling the voice in my head ‘The Drunk Monkey’ and teaching it to my clients.  The Drunk Monkey is that of worry and concern that says, “You can’t let these buyers go!  You have to much time invested in them!  They are going to buy just tough it out!”

‘Watch my video below learn more about The Drunk Monkey’…

Why does The Drunk Monkey do this to us?  Hanging onto buyers that aren’t buying is a losing proposition!  Every hour you invest earns you less and less money for that time invested.  Why is The Drunk Monkey so addicted to proving that this deal will pay off?

Simple: The Drunk Monkey’s job is to move you towards things it deems are good, and away from what it deems are bad.

Attached To Your Hallucinations

The Drunk Monkey is actually part of your survival system.  It tries to premeditate what will happen so you can avoid bad things and enjoy good stuff like making money.  Left unchecked you can get attached to its hallucinations about the future.  And…

That’s exactly what they are!  Hallucinations!  You have no idea if these buyers are going to buy or not.  If you drop them, you have no idea if they will buy from someone else.  In fact…

The Drunk Monkey pretends that it is psychic.  It actually convinces you that it knows what will happen in the future and this is crazy talk!!  But you aren’t psychic. Time to admit it.

Once you do that, use this powerful technique from my Mindset Methodology called…

The Releasing Attachment Exercise:

Dead-Beat-BuyersAttachment is the exaggerated fear of losing a positive benefit.  It’s an exaggeration.  You get attached to your exaggeration and stop dealing with reality.

To take back control of your business from The Drunk Monkey you have to learn to create a new context for the situation… to see it for what it is, rather than the exaggeration that it represents.

You do this by asking yourself powerful questions.  Let’s do that now with your Dead-Beat Buyers.

What are you afraid of losing? The commission?  Their respect?  The time?  Are you afraid that you will have nothing and now you have to go find another person to work with?  Be honest with yourself.

How is this fear of loss an exaggeration? “It’s my only hope!”  That’s not true, that’s an exaggeration.  You keep finding more and more business year after year.

“I’ve invested all this time, I have to get something out of it or I’ve wasted my time”  That’s not true, you are wasting your time working with them.  The more time you invest, the less money you make on a time for dollar basis.

“What if I drop them and they buy from someone else? That would be devastating!”  No it won’t.  It will sting a little but you will already be onto the next thing and chances are they aren’t going to wise up and buy anyway.

How will losing the benefit actually affect you without the exaggeration? Think it through.  Let’s say you don’t have these buyers any more.  What do you gain?  More time, less stress, more freedom, clear head, energy to find someone else.  Plus you get your dignity back, you stop feeling out of control.

What do you lose?  Really?  The commission.  You have to admit it was a waste and deal with the sting of that.  You have to face the reality of generating something new. Think it through.. Your fear is an exaggeration.

Really get honest.  If the worst happens.  What is the real impact? You have to find someone new to work with.  Will you learn from it?  Will you ask more questions to make sure you new buyers are realistic?  Will you make sure they are motivated?  Will you make them sign a buyer broker agreement?

★ Make peace with the loss. If you dropped them today, could you deal with it? YES YOU COULD!!

★ What are you actually committed to? Take a moment and think about it.  Aren’t you committed to working with people who are decisive, know what they want, and motivated to make offers that will get accepted? Make a list of some of the qualities you want in your buyers right now.

The Drunk Monkey gets attached to results and benefits that it hallucinates.  If you can catch it making up stories and exaggerating, then you can make a choice.

Don’t be The Drunk Monkey’s puppet.  Take back control of your business today.  Now go ahead and drop those dead-beat buyers.  You deserve to get paid for your time.

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