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When we started to work together Carol cried every time that we had a coaching call. 

She was struggling despite making a decent income in real estate in addition to the modest salary that her husband earned as a manager of an auto parts store.

Four young adult children with tuitions, travel, weddings, showers, enjoyment, and helping them get started was expensive. His income was fixed. She knew that it was up to her to raise their income. 

Carol’s story is, unfortunately, a common one. 

Real estate agents learn the basics of the business, begin to enjoy the commissions and freedom. Then after just a few years most plateau. They get stuck at an unsatisfactory level of income. Still knowing that there is so much more potential and they are capable of achieving it. Yet, it eludes them.

There is a way out of the real estate production plateau.

Maria Sharapova, the Champion Tennis Player, and Entrepreneur wrote in her book Unstoppable:

“Repetition creates discipline. Just repeating a thing, perhaps inconsistently at first, then with more consistency creates a feeling of the repetition that leads to discipline.”

Steven was an Agent with a wife, three children with a fourth child on the way. He told me that he wasn’t earning enough to afford his life. He said that what stood in his way was a lack of discipline. 

I explained to Steven that discipline is a learned skill. Discipline is learned through repetition. Everyone can become more disciplined with simple repetition. 

Three years later Steven had two more children (yes, that is six in total) and a real estate sales income that provides his family with the life he wishes for them. That learned discipline added hundreds of thousands of dollars to his income each year.

Doing the right things correctly and consistently are the key to income breakthroughs for real estate agents… and any agent can develop discipline through repetition of the right things that work consistently. 

The things you do consistently will achieve results in attitude, confidence, and quality of life; in addition to significantly more income. The key is to know and do those specific, correct things that quickly produce results. 

What are those few simple, smart things that Carol, Steven, and many other Agents are doing to quickly produce results?

Four simple, uncommon habits that quickly produce results for real estate agents.

Below is the system we refer to at Real Estate Grad School (and you may have heard on our podcast) as ‘The Income Breakthrough Daily Routine’.

  1. Start each workday with 10 minutes of structured planning.
  2. Set goals and track the 4 KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for real estate agents.
  3. Be completely conscientious with lead and past client follow up using your CRM.
  4. Create and complete all the items on a simple marketing calendar.

Winning ugly is still winning.

Kevin hired me to coach him when we met at my speaking presentations at the NAR convention in 2007. At that point, he was selling between 40 and 50 houses per year with an administrative assistant. We have coached together ever since.

Today, Kevin is an extremely successful agent in a small city in the Midwest. Last year he sold over 470 properties and has a massively successful team.

The first year as he was putting the Income Breakthrough Systems in place, they were far from perfect. Despite that his income increased by more than 50%. When an agent is working on the right discipline and routine, they see significant results from the beginning. 

That is inspiring and it inspired him to continue to review and apply the Income Breakthrough Routine each day.  

The following year he became more consistent in implementing daily structured planning, tracking progress toward his goals. being very conscientious with his CRM, and following through on his marketing calendar. 

His income increased, again the second year, by more than 50%. 

The following year he sold over 100 homes for the first time. He began to build a team and led them to follow the Income Breakthrough Routine. 

Today, Kevin is the top agent in his market and one of the best in his State. 

How to achieve your income breakthrough as a real estate agent.

1.    Start every day with 10 minutes of structured planning. If you would like to receive the structure for daily planning for the agents that coach with us, just contact us and ask for the Daily Income Breakthrough Checklist.

2.    Set goals annual and monthly goals in your Sales Volume Under Contract and Listings Taken. Set weekly goals in New Client Appointments. Watch anticipated and received income monthly and year to date.

3.    Conscientiously use your CRM to convert your leads and stay in touch with your past clients with the goal of 100% lead follow-up. That means that you never lose a desirable lead.

4.    Create your simple marketing calendar that includes your sphere, farm, and online marketing campaigns. Also, ask us for a sample Marketing Calendar

Carol doesn’t cry anymore.

Today Carol is out of debt; financially stable, and beginning to feel financially secure. She increases her income every year. 

Carol made this breakthrough by creating discipline through repetition of the four simple and smart things that create discipline and lead to income breakthrough. 

It’s possible for you.

Your dreams can come true. Your dreams about the income that you can earn can happen. It is possible to have the life that you imagine with your Real Estate career. It is possible for you to live a life you love. Those dreams are within your reach. 

They are much closer to you than you might possibly imagine. 

For over 2 decades the real estate agents that coach with Rich have achieved financial stability, wealth, and personal happiness. His work is unique and exceptionally effective. To discuss your business with Rich Levin email him at Rich@REGradSchool.com call 585-244-2700 or visit www.realestategradschool.com

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