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Specializes in Residential and Multifamily investing in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley, East Bay, Los Angeles and Orange Counties
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Helen Chong is the founder and principal broker of Haylen Group Inc, a real estate investment services company. Helen has been in the real estate industry since 2004 with experience as a mortgage broker, rehabber, apartment owner, trust deed note investor, and realtor. She is deeply involved in negotiation during acquisition of her own properties and had bought properties as little as 30 cents on a dollar and receive rate of return as much as 50%. Her investment philosophy focuses on adding values on distressed properties. In addition, she’s spent countless hours staying current with industry requirements and news, and obtained numerous advanced certifications. She carries an intricate level of understanding into each facet of a real estate transaction. Her clients’ best interest and welfare are paramount in her approach to service, knowing she is entrusted with one of the biggest investments of their lifetime. “I find the most satisfaction when I help my clients becoming a homeowner or an investor by buying and selling their properties. I am fascinated and excited to share my experience with novice and experienced investors as there are many creative strategies that I can help utilize to help you becoming a successful real estate investor! My focus is to help you see value added opportunity in the property that you are buying and selling.”

The reason Helen is passionate about her real estate career:

Helen was born and grew up in Hong Kong. At a very young age, she experienced how difficult life can be if not managed carefully. She has gone through numerous financial hardships even before entering her teenage years; recalling days being left home alone while her parents worked in another country. Helen quit school to help her parents’ restaurant and then made a difficult decision to move to the US on her own despite her parents’ objection. She saved every penny and graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles. She worked at an Investment Consulting firm in Santa Monica for 4 years as an analyst. During that time, she witnessed the internet boom and bust and got first-hand experience on seeing many individuals lost the savings from years of diligent investing and retirement dreams. Through this experience, she studied different forms of investing strategies and believed that real estate, when executed properly, can be a safer and more secure form of investing. She left the comforts of the corporate world and started her passion in the real estate world.

After starting her career as a loan officer, she also started her own investment firm, focusing on buying bargain properties in different parts of the country. With her knowledge and enthusiasm for real estate, she began her career as a realtor and a real estate consultant to her friends and clients. Helen believes that real estate can be as risky as gambling; however, it can also be the safest retirement vehicle among any other investment options if done properly. Combining her traditional thinking and creative techniques and strategies, Helen strives to find solutions for her clients’ real estate transactions; regardless if it’s for their home or as an investment property. In order to be successful in real estate, you have to make decisions based on sound advice and information. Helen has been very successfully guided her clients through very difficult real estate negotiations and transactions, and helped them eliminate most stress during the process. Helen believes that even buying a primary residence, you are an investor who invests your retirement in your home. Therefore, no matter if you are buying for your first home, first investment property or tenth property, she finds her way to help each client of hers to reach a goal in becoming a successful real estate investor.

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